Coach Tim Adams

By: Connor Woodside

On Friday, November 2nd, the Hillman Family had the amazing opportunity of attending a public speaking
workshop from the legendary coach Tim Adams. Though disclaimer, this wasn’t anything like the normal
run-of-the-mill public speaking workshop. Right from the start, Adams was energetic and loud.  Starting his speech, he asked everyone to pull out a pen
and paper to write their first impression. Adams went to explain how within just seven seconds, the human
brain creates a picture of what to expects from others. Within an even smaller window of time, the brain is
already sorting information regarding the target to verify it’s not a threat. Adams related this neural topic back
to the basic fact that no one can stop themselves from judging others. I remember feeling guilty knowing what
he said was true but not before long my mind was on a bigger lesson, presence. Adams described presence as “owning the room you walk into”. Basically, the idea that through confidence an…

Citiskope: Hillman Alumni Small Business

By: Connor Woodside

Karina and her sister Kathy are indeed the embodiment of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Together, they created the company Citiskopes, a business that offers travelers the opportunity to discover personal fulfilling experiences like none else. Their personal failures, successes, and ability to overcome any obstacle has given each of them the entrepreneurship title, as it is well deserved. Recently, I was lucky enough to sit down with the Citiskope pioneers, and talk about their business, and more importantly, personal outlook.
Karina, a Hillman alumina, always knew the entrepreneur lifestyle was for her after experiencing a highly demanding marketing job in New York City. “I was working for someone else, giving so much of my time and the money was great for a recent grad but, did I want to do this the rest of my life?”. Karina saw the effort her boss had been putting into the company, as she sometimes received calls near 3:00 am talking about projects that w…

Medhacks: SnowDay 2018: Johns Hopkins Medical Campus Medical Hackathon

by Zahra Aligabi

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend my second hackathon- let alone medical hackathon. I attended the same one last year, however, I was more prepared this year, and I was actually being recognized as a campus ambassador for UMCP. As one of the UMCP ambassadors, I was in charge of the advertising of the event and recruiting of students at UMCP. It was a little stressful to balance these duties with my work and school as it required a lot of time, but it was a very rewarding experience; especially after I finally got to meet with the people that I had been working with online (since June), and be recognized for my efforts as one of the top five ambassadors from the DMV region. It was not my first time at the JHU Medical Campus, but it was definitely a different experience- how many people can say that they camped out in the hallways of the cancer research labs for two nights? It was a humbling experience no doubt, but it also brought me closer to many other stu…

Hillman Graduation

By: Connor Woodside Its graduation time again as the Hillman Entrepreneurs class of 2018 takes their next steps in business, life, and thereal world.
I was luckily able to watch these young and energetic leaders walk across the stage to receive their graduation certificate from the Hillman program directors.  The air was filled with energy, as anyone who was there could tell, these students were ready for the next journey in careers. But not only their careers, but their small businesses and non-profits that multiple have been working on throughout college. Deji Adeboayo is just one of the many Hillman Entrepreneurs that have started their own businesses as he owns and operates the photography company Zoomworx. Already a well-established firm, Deji even had his photographers cover the graduation which was awesome to see. Many students like Deji are moving forward onto many different businesses ventures ranging from medical to graphic design artist. The sheer number of students who have …

Step By Step- Hillman Entrepreneurs Participate in the Shadow Program

By: Rylenn Keys

Photoed: Rachel Bittner (left) and Henry Uzor (right)

I had the pleasure of speaking to two of the Hillman 2019 Cohort about their shadow program experience. I would like to thank those that took the time to meet with me. Of those people Rachel Bittner, a mathematics statistics major. I also had the opportunity to interview Henry Uzor, an information science major. Both of them offered insight and information on the process of the Hillman shadow program experience and I happy to share with you the questions and responses that were a part of this interview.
Who was your shadowee/ shadower?
Rachel: Pablo Garcia Beltran, I believe is computer engineering and math. At least that’s how he listed
What did you learn from them?
Rachel: The one thing I learned is that they offer a pre proof class. That was interesting to learn about given that my first preproof class was here
What was your favorite part?
Rachel: Just being able to impart information from your own experience of tr…

I Can Make You Emotionally Intelligent!

By: Rylenn Keys
Thank you to Ms. Branco for her insightful and informative reflection of emotional intelligence. As we embarked on our emotional intelligence journey, I am sure many of us were seeking to complete the 4 Hillman event requirement, however, we received so much more. At this event not only did you learn about the topics that are incorporated into your own emotional intelligence but you also were able to bond with your fellow Hillmaners and with Ms. Branco.
While in attendance, no one knew what to expect but it was much anticipated, as it was constantly pushed. If you attended this event, though, you are now somewhat of an “expert” in being emotionally intelligent. You know what feelings lead to what and you know that giving too little may leave you feeling alone or unapproachable, but too much leads you to be emotionally drained, overly exerted, and a chronic over-sharer. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the balance that is best for you, in which you can feel engaged an…

Hillman Group Lunches - An Introspective

By: Connor Woodside

“People who know how to transform stress into enjoyable challenges spend very little time thinking about themselves.” – flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Published in 1990, Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, focused on finding happiness through challenges in both business and life. The book, in essence, is taking hard situations and finding the silver lining. Author Mihaly explains that when applying the flow experience to one’s life is the most important task at hand is to ignore the senseless chatter from inner monologues. He theorizes that the reason humans often face this running brain syndrome is simply due to lack of meaningful problem solving in daily lives. While reading this, my first thought was “That’s exactly what a Hillman entrepreneur is”.
Last Friday, I had the fortune of participating in a group lunch with a handful of fellow Hillman entrepreneurs. The event started off with a simple ice breaker and had each person say something interesting that was taki…